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The beginning of Growth

Paneldex began as an idea to help businesses, teams, and Clients, manage, remotely work, connect, share, and do everything from a single cloud software. And, there were three things we were certain about - our passion for technology, our ideas and our determination to help people.

Paneldex is a cloud-hosted project & business management solution that helps connect, work remotely, and stay on top of deliverables and deadlines. It has scalable features and payment terms that match the requirements of any business size from small start-ups to large enterprises. 

Paneldex is Owned and Operated by Psyberlite (Pty) Ltd a private Software Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Company was founded in 2017 by Bennet Zakaria Makwakwa, Just after obtaining his Computer Science Degree from the University of Johannesburg.

Paneldex has over 300 users, the software helps managers, entrepreneurs across the critical phases of a project: from planning to organizing, managing, and delivering outcomes on time. It’s a central hub for teams, clients, and contractors to share notes, tasks, information, and discussions for more efficient collaboration and timely response.

It is a Proofing tool that also helps relevant parties to discuss, comment, and finalizes a document or file in a single window. With Paneldex you can Generate Invoices and Contracts, marketing teams can manage leads and close deals easy, with clear communication.


The Software comes with Slack integration for a simple file sharing and real-time chat with your team, Moreover, Paneldex web browser the platform is compatible with any devices and popular operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.




Easy to use

We have created an Entire video series to help you get started streamlining and managing your teams and business, Functions and tools are straightforward and intuitive for a non-technical

user. You can organize teams into separate groups by function or any parameter you like for a neater layout and added security for sensitive data. Get instant email notifications on changes about project status, task, or milestone to keep you on top of everything. You can also opt-out of specific notifications and focus only on matters that concern you.


Paneldex is compatible with popular operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows to help you access the software wherever and whenever you have an Internet connection. The features and payment terms are scalable; upgrade or downscale your plan according to your present project needs.

It's single platform-orientation and the readily accessible tools make it possible to handle multiple projects at once. You can customize the look and feel of its user interface to match your preferences. Advanced features like time tracking make the software more robust than standard project management solutions. Mobile and tablet compatibility means you can access your account even while on the go.

Extensive customer support

A knowledgebase is provided on their site for FAQs, use cases, and video tutorials. In most cases, the answers you are looking for are already addressed in this section.

Our Facebook page and Twitter handle are active and responsive.

You can communicate with us via our social networks.

For more information and support talk to us [email protected]

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